Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random poetry 2: The Bubble

When I was just a child, and the thunder made me shake,
I would hide beneath the covers all afraid.
But I'd think to myself, "Though the storm is great and mighty,
There's a bubble all around me, and I'm safe.

"There's a bubble all around me of God's grace."

I still feel like a child, but the time pays that no heed,
And the world all comes at me at such a pace.
Once sordid and once splendid, and I'm caught in all the hurry
And the frantic stress and worry of the race.

And I feel so small and helpless and unsafe.

But when I pause and think, and I look into the mir'r,
And I see the look of fear straining my face,
"Life," I think, "is just too big -- I wish it wasn't so.
But God is true and firm, and I am safe.

"There's an ocean all around me of God's grace."

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