Monday, June 2, 2014


Listen to the silence
Even when it is not there.
It is only hidden.
Find it and listen hard for what it says.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gentle World

Give me a gentle world
Where songs are the whispering,
Shimmering sounds
Of running water,
And all else is silence.
Give me a soft gray light
To soothe my sore eyes,
A warm hand
To hold my cold fingers,
And a wild wind
To cool my head.
Give me grass to smell
And dancing leaves.
Give me a gentle world,
If only for a moment,
To clear my mind
And brace me,
That I may fight bravely
In this harsh war I face.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"To My Friends"

To My Friends

Tell me who you are.
Lead me to the world you live in.
I want to understand,
And I want to learn your song.
Your eyes pour out your story
In a tongue I cannot read.
Your hand shakes
With your pain and your joy
From things you’ve seen
And things you’ve been.
I cannot touch that hidden soul.
I cannot reach that light I see
Reflected in your eyes.
I’ll hold your shaking hands,
And I’ll hold your brilliant gaze,
But I’ll never know you.
Yet perhaps, if we throw our lives
Into chasing the same dear light,
We shall not be so colorblind
To the shades of each other’s souls,
And we shall touch the light we see
Dancing within each other’s smiles,
And learn harmonies
To one another’s songs.