Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poem by an even more sleep-deprived student

This poem isn't a Spanish paper, same as the previously posted poem wasn't a history paper. And right after I wrote this, I decided that my brain had apparently preceded me to bed, so I might as well follow it. Just so you know the circumstances under which this was written. ;)

"The Selfless"

Fall to my knees,
Scream out the pain,
Aching and aching,
Trying to live.
Giving it all,
Squeezing it dry,
Finding the dregs,
Scraping them out.
Sure that until
Death is decreed
I will be filled
To empty again.
Choosing to live
Only for Him,
Choosing to drown
In what must be done.
Lay it all down,
Give it all up,
Breathe it all out,
Till nothing is left.
And if tears will fall,
Then let them fall down.
They will not stop
What I have resolved.
When my heart asks,
“Is this for me?”
I will say, “No,
But I am for this.”

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