Monday, January 7, 2013


I will be overwhelmed by what I see, 
By what I hear and smell and touch and taste,
By everything I understand and know, 
For in it all I'm overwhelmed by thee.

In darkness I'll be overwhelmed by grief,
But darkness sets a foil for your light,
And thou art proved anew by gaping holes,
For you can overflow them, only you.

I will be overwhelmed by this, the time,
By every hour, minute, every day,
I will be overwhelmed that every moment
Is its own perfect, precious gift from thee.

I will be overwhelmed by who and what
And when and where I am, for I am yours,
And I live in your world beneath your will,
And you will win this battle -- You have won!

I will be overwhelmed, for all my life,
The more I look, the less I'll see but thee,
Until I find there's nothing else to say
But "Goodness reigns," -- by this I'm overwhelmed.

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